Stick it on the Walkman

Sony is planning on releasing this very feminine Walkman for Christmas.  The lipstick-shaped compact MP3 player, the Walkman NW-E013 is available in various girly colours and has a lightweight, glossy body that houses 1GB of storage – still not as much as most hand-bags!Â

IFilms – Appleflix

iPhone developer Pumpkin plugged “rental” into a string search of the iPhone’s lockdown daemon file—which authorizes the iPhone for services—returning a curious set of hits: pumpkin:~ pumpkin$ strings /usr/local/share/iphone-filesystem/usr/libexec/lockdownd | grep -i rental trigger_rental_bag_verification: Could not retrieve FairPlayID trigger_rental_bag_verification: Could not initialize FairPlay context trigger_rental_bag_verification: Could not verify the rental bag response: %d load_rental_bag_request: Could […]

Sidekick Sidelined

Reports state that the Sidekick Slide, listed as “temporarily unavailable” on T-Mobile’s official site has been switching itself off. T-Mobile has made this statement “T-Mobile USA suspended sales of the T-Mobile Sidekick Slide on Friday evening, Nov. 16, after Motorola – the manufacturer of the device – confirmed that some devices may inadvertently power off when […]

Kylie ‘X’clusive

“X” by Kylie will be exclusively available to download from the newly launched Nokia Music Store on 21st November.  This is the first time ever a Kylie album will be available digitally prior to general release. Get your paws on the new bit of Kylie for a mere £8 by going over to If you’re […]

Pink and Rubbery for your Fingers

Now, it’s not often I get to post on here about something pink and rubbery………..and here it is! Now that you’ve breathed a sigh of relief let me get back to the plot.  It is in fact a roll-up, USB keyboard and yes, it is pink!  Kinda reminds of of those ‘Pink Panther’ bars that […]

New Nintendo DS on the way?

The little dual screen hand-held gaming machine is still as popular as ever, even I can see the reason for this and I own a PSP – but, by all accounts, Nintendo have finished working on a new version.  Pacific Crest Securities analyst Evan Wilson has stated that Nintendo has already finished work on its successor. “Our […]