Stick it on the Walkman

Sony is planning on releasing this very feminine Walkman for Christmas.  The lipstick-shaped compact MP3 player, the Walkman NW-E013 is available in various girly colours and has a lightweight, glossy body that houses 1GB of storage – still not as much as most hand-bags!Â

Drop DRM

We’ve already seen more and more musicians telling the recording industry to drop DRM policies that hurt the consumer – how many of us have been introduced to a band via a home recorded mixtape/cd?  And, of course, we know that consumers prefer non-DRM’d music (which sorta goes without saying).  Now even music retailers (except […]

Kylie ‘X’clusive

“X” by Kylie will be exclusively available to download from the newly launched Nokia Music Store on 21st November.  This is the first time ever a Kylie album will be available digitally prior to general release. Get your paws on the new bit of Kylie for a mere £8 by going over to If you’re […]

RCRD LBL – The next step for the Recording Industry?

As a musician I’m always keeping my ear to the ground for developments in this area; I’ve even been known to be present and to present forums at various functions arranged by the City Showcase amongst others. The latest news goes by the name of RCRD LBL and it’s founded by Peter Rojas who you may know best for founding the gadget […]

DAB your iPod

Here’s a natty idea for all those iPod carrying radio lovers.  Intempo have produced a pretty cool looking DAB radio attachment for all you Apple users.  Imaginatively called the iDAB it plugs in the bottom of your Pod and let’s you blaze through all those lovely digital broadcasts. You can even whack it in your dock […]

Gibson Robot Guitar

Looks like Gibson’s long awaited self-tuning guitar has finally arrived in the form of the Gibson Robot Guitar. This auto-tuning guitar tunes itself to standard A440 tuning, ensuring even if you have terrible pitch detection skills, it will still be able to do the job quite decently. In addition, the guitar offers access to half […]