Fi Station tablet-based recording / editing studio

As a gigging musician hoping to be on the road again soon, recording ideas on the go isn’t always easy. Now, Fly Imagine (Fi) has just introduced the Fi Station. This boasts to be the first all-in-one low-cost portable music, video, and entertainment center. It will also record and mix music and 4K HD video. […]

Yamaha books Indulgence with AMPLIFI and Montage

The new ‘Line 6’ range of AMPLIFI guitar amps and processors and the ‘Montage’ synthesisers line-up will headline Yamaha’s bill at The Indulgence Show. Yamaha Music London is the brand’s flagship store based in the centre of Soho. It will be presenting the double headline act at Indulgence. Yamaha will have two distinct areas at […]

Apple eyes up Tidal – hell no!

I have been an evangelist for Tidal since it started. Before Jay Z bought it along with his merry band. Now it seems that the unlikely fruity shadow of Apple is looming over the premium streaming service. Why do I say unlikely? There has been no secret made of the political games being played between […]

Metal Hammer Mojo – Chord sponsors Golden Gods 2016

Chord Electronics, those who make the marvellous Mojo and a number of other high-performance hi-fi products such as DAVE, is proudly sponsoring Metal Hammer’s Golden God Awards. Chord Electronics has joined forces with Metal Hammer magazine to sponsor its prestigious Golden God Awards. If you are unfamiliar with Metal Hammer, this Heavy Metal mag it […]

Tascam TrackPack US-2×2 home studio review

Home studios have always been popular but it’s only really over the past 10-15 years that they have actually been in the reach of most people. I remember getting my first tape 4 track recorder but, since the cost of a digital set-up such as the Tascam TrackPack US-2×2, has become affordable and the knowledge […]

Prince – top ten most played singles

A lot of places turned purple over the weekend to show respect to the passing of Prince, one of the most prolific artists of the 20th century and this century so far. Prince, TAFKAP, His Royal Badness, His Purpleness – whatever you called him there is no denying that he was a talented chap. A […]