Spotify music streaming coming to Xbox One

Microsoft is bringing Spotify to their Xbox gaming console. The music streaming service Spotify should finally make its way to Microsoft’s Xbox One very soon. A report confirming user posts on Reddit proves that a beta version of the app is being tested internally at Xbox. The Spotify app has been available on PlayStation 4 […]

Black Sabbath The Ten Year War box set – Interviews with Bill Ward and Tony Iommi

GadgetyNews was there at Black Sabbath’s launch of their The Ten Year War box set which is due for release from BMG on September 29th. Last Wednesday, July 26th, I was at what was Regent Sounds studio (now a guitar shop and the Alley Cat basement bar and venue) on London’s Denmark Street. The occasion, […]

Top 10 UK summer festival apps

It will soon be festival time again! Ah, the beauty and chaos of UK festivals. You might not be able to predict the weather but at least you can sort your schedules out. Some of you might remember a time when going to a festival meant possibly never seeing your mates again until the next […]

Tascam US-32 MiNiSTUDIO Personal review

You might have heard that I am part of the happy Tech Addicts UK podcast crew. Well, I was asked by the lovely folk at TASCAM to take their MiNiSTUDIO Personal US-32 for a spin. The MiNiSTUDIO Personal US-32 is a natty looking USB audio interface. It actually boasts to be a complete desktop broadcast […]

Music Brings Us Together – KitSound looking for bands and artists

KitSound are after new music. Their ‘Music Brings Us Together’ campaign is something that GadgetyNews can certainly get behind. Music has power. The connection music can build between us all that is deeper than sound. It has passion, and an emotional connection that can inspire, inform, motivate, and establish relationships. No matter the genre, language, […]

TIDAL adds MQA Master quality for all HiFi members

TIDAL has just announced the availability of ‘Master’ quality recordings on its music streaming service. This is long-awaited and expected news, but that does not make it any less exciting. A wide variety of content from labels and artists, including Warner Music Group’s world-renowned music catalogue, is now available in Master audio across all of […]