Novatech – Desktop Replacement/Gaming Laptop for under £1600!

This company tends to get overlooked by people and so I thought I’d put the record straight. If you’re thinking about purchasing a gaming laptop, such as one from the Rock range, and live in the UK you MUST check out Novatech. Why? Well, it will be pretty much the same machine for around £500 […]

MacBook Pro Gets Santa Rosa

As rumored, Apple has quietly updated the MacBook tonight (last night) to the Santa Rosa architecture with mild speed bumps and the GMA X3100 integrated video. White 13.3″ $1099.00 2.0GHz/1GB RAM/80GB/Combo/GMA X3100 $1299.00 2.2GHz/1GB RAM/120GB/SD-DL/GMA X3100 Black 13.3″ $1499.00 2.2GHz/1GB RAM/160GB/SD-DL/GMA X3100 Despite comparable clock speeds (2.0 -> 2.0GHz, 2.16 -> 2.2GHz) to the old […]