Stand-by Monster Gives You Evil Eye When You Leave Your Gadgets On

There’s plenty of ways in which we can cut down our power-usage; the most obvious is turning off our tech. I don’t mean ‘put on stand-by’ but actually turn it off! My previous statement makes more sense when you take into consideration that devices left on stand-by consumes around 15% of domestic electricity. So, in order to reduce this bad […]

Battery Snap Torch Great for Kids, Camping and Festivals

I love my Maglite but sometimes I’d rather take something lighter and something I’d care less about if I lost it or it got stolen. GearDiary has just posted up these Battery Snaps which cost $5 and will light your path. All you have to do is press the Snap onto the top of a regular 9v battery, and you’ve […]

Vic Firth Gourmet – Perfect For Seasoning Your Drum Sticks

Alright – let me just get this out of the way early:  Some drummers do have taste – and not just for Cider and/or Beer! I have to admit though – putting the renowned drum-stick maker and gourmet condement mills together is not the first idea that springs to mind. For those of you not […]