Beanzawave – USB Powered Bean Heating Microwave

You know what it’s like. You’re in the middle of a game or watching a film and suddenly require sustainance. Mmmmmmmmm………beans will always be good and if you’ve got your PC kitted out with a toasting ‘hot bread drive’ – beans on toast right at your desk – BOSH! That’s the dream. That’s why Heinz […]

iMagnet Gives Your Fridge iPod Style

When you look at your fridge do you get the feeling that something is missing? You need a cool and slightly Appley way of hanging up shopping lists, appointment cards and little notes to the rest of the household.  How about the iMagnet? It wont play music but it will keep those slips of paper trapped […]

Cardboard Safari – Eco Friendly Heads on the Wall

If you want to rock that old mansion style or upper-class vibe of displaying dead things on your walls but would rather not kill some animal that was just minding its own business then howsabout these then? Cardboard Safari makes laser-cut cardboard animal head trophies suitable for wall-mounting, each available for $52 (plus shipping). They’re […]

TwistTogether Lamp – LEGO Cool Style Lighting

Looking for something to match your Audio Cubes? Howsabout the TwistTogether lamp? It’s comprised of four LED blocks that can be rearranged in a myriad of ways. The TwistTogether Lamp is powered through a single block and any additional blocks light up when connected with a simple twist. Each block is illuminated with LEDs which […]

Panasonic Fukitorimushi – Robotic Worm Floor Cleaner

If you have hardwood floors and love robots to do the tedious task of wiping up after you then the Fukitorimushia floor-cleaning robot should be on top of your wishlist. It inches along wriggling your floor clean like a cleaning compulsive caterpillar. The Fukitorimushi (“wipe-up bug”) has been thought-up by Panasonic and is wrapped-up in a sticky nanocloth […]

Black Diamond Orbit Multipurpose Flashlight Lantern [Festivals and Camping]

As the festival season is almost here and getting back to your tent at 4am doesn’t get any easier here’s another gadgety way of lighting your way. May I introduce the Black Diamond Equipment Orbit LED lantern. It slings out a “smooth, circular ambient light about six feet in diameter” so guy-ropes, empties and sleeping […]