Mike Thompson’s Blood Lamp Changes the Meaning of “Turn Those Bloody Lights Off!”

Goths seem to be seen as having an overlap with the whole vampire thing. Well this clever design sounds like it could well be a vampire/goth band…………………. Granted – I’m eagerly awaiting series 3 of True Blood and I have been known to hang out with members of the London Vampire Group and have actually […]

Bugatti Have a Futuristic Funky Kettle and Call it Vera

I love a good brew, I love brands with heritage and I also love things that are over-designed. Imagine if I could get all of the above in one kitchen item….. ….and I can! It comes in the form of a kettle from none other than Bugatti! Casa Bugatti’s Vera has a self-timer so you […]

B&F Qlocktwo Price Drop – NEWSFLASH!

Well, I only posted about this funky timepiece yesterday and now the price has been dropped quite considerably. I’ve also noticed that you can buy different front panels for the Qlocktwo so if you redecorate or just fancy a change you can purchase a Qolor for €95.00 EUR. Here’s the news item that appeared on […]

Read the Time With Biegert & Funk’s Funky Qlocktwo

Biegert & Funk’s Qlocktwo is quite a different clock – the funkiness is in the fact that the time is displayed in a “typographic time format” The clock face is made from acrylic glass and it has a wooden body and the display comes in English and other European languages as well as a multitude […]

CRISTAL – The largest Universal Remote Could Replace Your Coffee Table

Your Universal Remote may be useful but it’s not as big, funky or sociable as this: The CRISTAL CRISTAL is a research project that moves the uni-mote to a Microsoft Surface-type table with incredibly intuitive gestures. Feel like watching a film?  Just drag the DVD cover to your TV!  Simples!  🙂 You could even track […]

Spoticam – CCTV Lamp – Do You Like Being Watched?

If you can’t beat ’em join ’em. We’ve all muttered that mantra. So when I saw these CCTV‘s for inside the home I was curious. When I found out that they were actually lamps – BONUS! If you actually enjoy being watched while you do some left-handed surfing, get it on with your other half […]