Jay Garrett interviewed by F-Secure about IoT and Sense

Recently I was interviewed by internet security boffins F-Secure about the growing interest in the Internet of Things. Naturally, the main issue surrounding smart home devices is security. Fancy a glimpse in to my home? Well, not so long ago GadgetyNews HQ was invaded by a Finnish camera crew who then interrogated me. Their misson […]

Amazon Alexa remembers

For those who already are unsure of having a device that listens to them in the home Amazon’s Alexa is pushing its luck. For everyone else, however, its new memory function may prove useful. I am not dismissing the scenarios where voice controlled virtual assistants can be used for nefarious reasons. However, I am also […]

Tibo Kameleon Touch Alexa Multiplay speaker review

I have been sent a trio of Tibo smart speakers. The first one I shall tackle is the Tibo Kameleon Touch. The Tibo Kameleon Touch is a network enabled Bluetooth speaker. Furthermore, it can be grouped together with others across the Tibo range, in order to offer a multi room speaker solution. Oh, and it […]

Varidesk Pro Plus 36 standing desk review

I have been intrigued by colleagues and friends using standing desks for a while now. I can see how it might help with posture and the like, that makes sense. But, just how comfortable is it? Well, Varidesk sent me their Pro Plus 36 to find out. I spend a full working day sat at […]

D-Link announce DSP-W115 Alexa and Google smart plug

D-Link today has unveiled its DSP-W115 Smart Plug. This, along with the new mydlink app, enables home automation functions through integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. D-Link’s new DSP-W115 Smart Plug enables effortless integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This means that you get the added convenience of hands-free voice control of home […]

Alexa creeping people out with random laughter

Has the Artificial Intelligence from Amazon turned a malevolent corner? Reports are coming in that Alexa has started to break out in maniacal laughter, apparently at random. Could this point to something more sinister?  The smart home speaker-based bot is already considered untrustworthy by some who are suspicious of the robot who listens to every […]