ECOVACS robotic vacuum cleaners now even more user-friendly

ECOVACS Robotics has released new firmware to update their DEEBOT OZMO 930 and D900. The new software features allow DEEBOTs to simultaneously clean and map an area. So, essentially, they learn the layout of your rooms so that they can re-orientate themselves from any position if needs be. DEEBOTS re-learn as they go If you […]

Dodow sends you to sleep with light

Staring at the ceiling, counting sheep, watching TV til you can no longer keep your eyes open. This is a nightly ritual for many. How about staring at a blue light instead? That is what Dodow suggests. Personally, I am in the very privileged position of being able to sleep anywhere, at any time. Perhaps […]

Oupio M illuminating hi-fi speaker

Oupio M is the first product from the Oupio brand. It is both an intelligent lamp and a high fidelity speaker. Convergence isn’t a new thing, just look at your smartphone. However, as many of us have limited space at home, it makes sense that merging compatible functionality within a device will reduce clutter. Oupio […]

FOREO products already tipped for Prime Day deals

Everybody knows that Black Friday is the best time to shop for deals. But, did you know there’s a new discount day to spend and save? And, the bonus is you don’t need to wait until November. If you weren’t aware, Prime Day is Amazon’s summertime version of Black Friday, but bigger. This is when […]

MeacoFan: Quietly cool in the bedroom

The UK’s leading air purifier specialist Meaco has launched their cunningly-named MeacoFan. This DC fan nestles into their multi award winning Platinum Range of low energy air treatment products. With the UK weather forecast predicting another warm month, perhaps longer, the nights are only going to get stickier. If, like me, you rely on a […]

Lithe Audio garden speakers rock!

Lithe Audio is bringing ‘instant’ high tech sound to your garden this summer with a simple plug-in all-in-one Bluetooth speaker. Furthermore, this speaker literally rocks! Lithe Audio, you may recall the name from our review of their neat ceiling speakers, has announced its latest stealth speaker. This Bluetooth speaker is designed and handmade to look […]