LinTux Droid

Meet Tux Droid, a Linux only critter similar to the Nabaztag (but not as cute in my opinion).  It is of course wireless fed (2.4GHz), text to speech enabled and programmable. It flaps, reads your email to you, tells the time, streams Internet radio, is a motion sensing alarm, provides VoIP phone services and generally does everything […]

Christmas Gift Idea for the Gadgeteer

If you don’t fancy queuing up for an iPhone/Pod/Mac, hunting for that ellusive Wii or bored of waiting for that XBox 360 limited edition thingy – why not try something different for crimbo? My cousin mentioned this stuff last night and I’m really tempted to try some of it out so thought I’d share the […]

A White ChristMesh? The Mesh Pulse

Say hello to the Mesh G92 Pulse Pro. Ok, it’s not going to wow you with its cutting edge styling but, saying that, where it lacks in looks it gains in performance thanks to the Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT graphics card hidden beneath the unassuming exterior. The GeForce 8800 GT is the hottest property in gaming right now, […]

Mices to blow opponents to pieces

With 3200dpi gaming mice becoming the standard, Razer needed to step it up.  Personally I find my, now standard, 3200dpi mouse plenty much enough. I4U reviewed Razer’s 4000dpi Lachesis as being “….very accurate and tracking is great, particularly in Crysis”. Keep in mind though; this review was performed whilst playing on a 30-inch screen! If you’re on a considerably smaller screen, you’d probably […]