Must have tech gadgets for Summer 2017

With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, it’s time to start looking at all those cool tech gadgets we want for that play time we have been looking forward to all year. Whether you are looking for gifts for family or friends, or just looking to treat yourself, here is a […]

Saving money on technology as a student

Student life isn’t all about working hard to achieve your degree and get started on the career ladder. It is also about learning to keep your finances in check. To find ways to cut costs and make your money last longer. But saving money isn’t easy, especially when it comes to technology. Tablets, phones and […]

I’m Back!

Hello you gadgety lot! I realise that I dropped off the radar quite a bit but it has been due to a mixture of rehearsing/writing and gigging with SUBSET and having my first holiday in 4 years! That said, the holiday coincided with the launch of CuebITz whose HQ is in New Milton on the […]

Top 10 Fitness Gadgets to Help Keep Your New Year Resolution

Now that the hang-over has subsided and the realisation that your waistband is more than a little snug is starting to hit home; it’s time for that annual promise to yourself to become fitter, healthier and perhaps a tad lighter. Here’s some ideas to keep you in step with the 2012 Olympic vibe The ideal […]

Brian Badonde does Bing

You’ll be familiar with Microsoft’s ‘Decision Engine’ – Bing. You’ll probably know Brian Badonde (the character from Facejacker played by Kayvan Novak). Well Brian is taking a look at technology and has gone to investigate Bing. This week’s episodes feature Brian furthering his quest to harness the power of technology using Beautiful Bing. Along the […]

TheFind iPhone App – The Best of Black Friday

If you’re based in the US and want to get the best out of Black Friday you might want to check out TheFind. TheFind is the largest price comparison engine online and their new app that takes all the best aspects of apps like Red Laser (Barcode Scanning), Coupon Sherpa (Local and Online Coupons), Store […]