Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB 4K console gaming monitor

Philips monitors has a brand-new monitor line-up called Momentum. This range is focussed on home entertainment, particularly console gaming. MMD, the company’s license partner, has announced that the first Philips Momentum display to debut will be the Philips 436M6VBPAB. This 43-inch VA packs 4K UHD resolution. Philips 436M6VBPAB The 436M6VBPAB display boasts 1000 cd/m² in […]

Intel Optane 905P SSDs spotted in stores

Intel is updating the Optane 900P as the Optane 905P has been spotted listed online. The new range features both an M2 and PCIe model. Intel’s Optane/XPoint memory is impressive as it offers performance levels which sit somewhere between NAND and DRAM. This means it is able to deliver non-volatile storage with extremely high-performance levels, […]

AOC Agon AG322QCX 32-inch curved 144Hz gaming monitor review

Back in summer we took out the AG272FCX for test run. However, its larger sibling was also doing the rounds. Finally, the AG322QCX came back home. Instantly, it was sent over to GadgetyNews to find out if it was any good. The Agon AG322QCX and the 27-inch AG272FCX both were released in May 2017. For […]

Speedlink V-Grip makes Nintendo Switch more comfy

Speedlink is aiming to make the Nintendo Switch even more comfortable to use thanks to its new V-Grip. The company states that the V-Grip will take comfort and grip to the next level on the Nintendo Switch. The new attachment hands the latest Nintendo console a more ergonomic design and greater comfort when gaming. This […]

AOC AGON AG352UCG now sports 120Hz refresh rate

AOC has tweaked their critically-acclaimed AG352UCG gaming monitor. The new AG352UCG6 now boasts a higher refresh rate of 120Hz. Last year we were pretty impressed by the AG352UCG. Its 35-inch curved screen kept us immersed in whatever we were playing. Today, we have been told that AOC has made it even better. Well, faster but […]

WD Black 3D NVMe M.2 gaming SSD

Western Digital has just announced the release of their Black 3D NVMe SSD. This M.2 drive has been designed especially with PC gaming in mind. PC gaming is increasingly immersive, with richer and more intense visual content than ever before. In order to push leading-edge performance, lower power consumption and extended durability for PC gaming […]