Light Saber USB Lamp – Jedi Lighting

We all love Star Wars (at least the original trilogy) and Light Sabers are totally cool. Some of us are too old to go leaping about making the relevant noises with a replica saber. And our partners may question the amount of time we give to building our own custom Light Sabers. But, surely, we’re […]

iShelf – Only Own 5 Cd’s and Love Apple?

Ok fanboys and girls! You love Apple and you love iTunes. You really love CoverFlow and own less than 6 CD’s? Here’s the shelf for you! If most of your tunage has been (legally) downloaded and you only have a few shiny discs to display; then why not store them on the iShelf?  This CD stand concept is […]

Monster Skin Rug – Longoland

If you think that fireside rugs are a place to feel warm, safe and perhaps amorous then the creation from Longoland may alter those perceptions. This is the Monster Skin Rug and is constructed from brushed woven cashmere and wool with some polymer clay for the teeth and gums I guess. It should be nice […]

Mir:ror Available NOW!

Remember the RFID tagging doohickey from Violet dubbed Mir:ror? Well, it’s out and ready to buy according to the email that I’ve just got! For a “mere 45 Euros” you get your Mir:ror, 3 Ztamps and a pair of Nan:ztag programmable micro-rabbits. I think this is another one for my crimbo list 🙂 Nip over […]

Fitness Cube – Workout Furniture

My fitness bench is still in bits in my Dads garage since I moved to London – at the moment getting a place with enough room to house my music gear as well as a weights-bench is still a ways off. The Fitness Cube is a 30-in-1 exercise machine “disguised as a high tech piece […]

Violet dal:dal – Living Colours and Audio Micro Messages

Here’s another cryptic release from those strange folks at Violet – you know, those that brought us Mir:ror and the interactive bunny Nabaztag. I remember the original Dal Lamp that was released 4 or 5 years ago had a rather hefty price-tag so I’m hoping that this new version will be a little more wallet […]