A Lamp That’s a Poster That’s a Lamp That’s Art

If you happen to be in a room with a lamp ban (it could happen) how would you get some focused illumination? Or – perhaps you’re such a furniture minimalist that having a desk-based light source is totally abhorrent to your ideals. What if I told you that there is a stealthy way of bringing […]

Robot Leopard Chair by OKI Now Available in Japan

We all spend a lot of time at our computers – nuff said. How many of us have a decent chair – one that doesn’t cripple your ass after 6 hours of Left 4 Dead? This is a chair I want!! The Oki Leopard Robot chair – how cool is that name? The chair is […]

Blofield Blow-up Chesterfield Sofa and Armchairs – Summer Festivals Have Become So Refined!

Now, sometimes you need portable furniture – anyone that’s had that ‘bring the emergency chairs down’ moment will know how having fold-away chairs can be useful. Double that with wanting something to lounge around on in the garden or at a festival but in a better, classier way – then head over to Blofield. No! […]

Ingenious Vase Tap Mash Up By Hego Water Design – The Lavbo

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything that will make your living-space nicer to be in so here’s a natty idea that combines making your bathroom smell sweeter and look nicer. It’s a tap (or faucet for our trans-Atlantic friends) that manages to be a vase at the same time. The idea belongs to […]

Transforming Love Seat for Geek Valentines Romance

If you and your partner both own a Laptop/Netbook/portable clamshell desktop chances are that there are moments in the day when both of you are staring deep into your own screens rather than each others eyes. Well, as Valentines Day is fast approaching, I was looking around for something that could help everyone out in […]

Hug Me Pillow – When You Miss Your Other Half

Hmmmmmmmm………………. No real surprise that the price has been cut for this as, to me, it looks freaky as hell. To be honest I’d find it difficult enough sharing a room with this; let alone a bed. But for those of you that have been waiting for such a deal the creepy one-armed “Hug Me […]