Something Low Key for iMacs

Now, most Mac owners I know are of the designery persuasion and, as such, aesthetics are all important. Minimalist desks, clean lines, design icon chairs – you know the type. Well this is right up their avenue!  It’s the LowKey Stand from Macessity. Buit from 0.1085-inch thick steel and coated to coordinate with your machine.  As well as […]

May the Force Light Your Room

Never one to miss something StarWars related; hows about a light-saber room light from NCSX? The hyper-kitsch Light-Saber room light measures 40cm/15.74″ tall. They are available in either red or green and uses two AAA batteries which means that it’s portable and prone to being picked up and posed with methinks…………….also ideal for your office cube. It […]

See-through Toaster

Concept company, Inventables have come up with a way for you to get perfect toast everytime. It’s not a clever timer, it’s not a clever monitoring system – it’s a see-through toaster! Having a transparent toaster means that you can watch the bread turning to your ideal colour therefore no more black toast – why do […]

Back to the early mornings

If, like me, you have managed to get a decent break away from the normality of getting up to an alarm clock you will have found it pretty hard to get up once more when you need to. So, to see the new year in – here’s some alarm clocks that have caught my eye. […]

Bits for the home

Door Mat This nifty doormat is imported from France and features a glowing display and motion sensor. Any time someone comes near, a glowing green space invader moves back and forth across the top of the mat. Potential guests, having left their phasers at home, will usually run shrieking in fear. Crimbo Scrolling The Season’s […]

Fuwa Pica – Light and Air/Soft and Flashy

FUWA PICA, meaning ‘soft and flashy’ in Japanese, was developed several years ago by staff and student’s at the Mongoose Studio at Japan’s Osaka University. FUWA PICA, is inflatable furniture that changes colour when you sit on it, touch it or introduce it to other objects. The main hub of the suite is a round […]