Peli unleashes their most powerful tactical torches

With Law Enforcement professionals in mind, Peli Products has developed two new torch models – the 7100 and the 7600. I have the Peli 1810 LED keychain torch attached to my car keys but these latest light bringers are on another level. The 7100 and 7600 are Peli’s most powerful compact tactical torches to date, […]

Bear-proof Peli Elite cooler boxes – ice lasts 10 days

Bear-proofing might not be on the top of your coolbox requirements but Peli is pretty sure that their promise of keeping ice frozen for up to 10 days will be. As our wonderful British weather constantly proves, a heatwave can strike at any moment. So, it’s best to be picnic and camping ready at all […]

Griffin Survivor power bank – be festival ready

The new Griffin Survivor power bank has been designed to cope with the most challenging environments and, as anyone that has endured a weekend festival in the UK can attest, none come more challenging. I have certainly done my time in tents at festivals – starting off at Monsters of Rock in the 80s and […]

GadgetyNews 12 recommends from 2015

There’s just a few days left to do your Christmas shopping, so you had better get a move on. Here’s my suggestions of tech that will be sure to win over your gadgety loved-ones. Righty, it’s getting near panic time as, if like me, you still have plenty of people to buy for but are […]

Paxis backpack keeps your gadgets to hand

Backpacks are a necessity when hiking and camping but whenever you need to grab something quickly you have to take it off, undo at least some zips, and then get what you want. And then, you have to do it all again in reverse. No longer, thanks to Paxis. Paxis has designed a new backpack […]

Intempo Tailgate portable party speaker review

As Autumn starts to bring a little chill to the air as well as the glorious colours, it might seem an odd time for me to be chatting about a speaker that’s ideal for gatherings around a BBQ, but the Intempo Tailgate is not just a Bluetooth-enabled sound-slinger. Read on to learn more good gadgety […]