Safy smart luggage is a portable safe

Safy has announced the smartest, safest, and most stylish bag on the market. This bag is also a portable safe. It features built-in technology to prevent personal belongings from being stolen and ensures valuables are protected in one place. Safy features a three-digit security combination lock or even a fingerprint module. These will ensure that […]

Aukey PB-P5 28w portable solar charger review

There are times where you will not be anywhere near a wall socket, or walls for that matter. Here we take a look at a phone and tablet charger from Aukey that harness the power of the sun. Camping essentials used to comprise of a tent, camping stove a sleeping bag and a bed roll. […]

Aukey PB-T11 30000mAh power bank review

Some buy their mobile devices for their speedy chips and awesome screens. For others, battery life is a deal breaker. If you belong to the first camp then this PB-T11 30,000mAh power bank from Aukey will be of interest. Powerful processors, bright and large screens combined with ultra-thin bodies makes stamina an issue for our […]

Survive the 2017 Summer Festival season

Glastonbury 2017 kicks off next week.  Here’s a list of festival essentials to help you enjoy your days away in arts festival utopia. As you are probably aware, Glastonbury opens its fields on June 21st. There is still just enough time to arrange those last few bits. You need to be able to carry everything […]

Top 10 UK summer festival apps

It will soon be festival time again! Ah, the beauty and chaos of UK festivals. You might not be able to predict the weather but at least you can sort your schedules out. Some of you might remember a time when going to a festival meant possibly never seeing your mates again until the next […]

Qube tents – build your own festival village

It will soon be festival season. Unless you’re planning to glamp your way through this year’s summer festivals, having the right tent should be top of the list. The Qube does look awesome. Even though my trusty Gelert Twister 4-man has served me well since 2009, I am intrigued by the Qube. The Cambridgeshire-based M2C […]