ShiftWear e-paper sneakers with smartphone uploadable animated designs

I have a few friends who have a range of trainers, or kicks as they like to call them, so that they are able to mix and match to what they’re wearing. How cool would it be if you could change the look of your footwear simply by adjusting a smartphone app? Well, David Coelho […]

WonderWoof BowTie doggy wearable tech launches at Harrods

The WonderWoof BowTie could well be the first fashion forward activity-monitoring device for dogs. This stylish piece of canine connectivity hits shelves in the UK in mid-November in an exclusive deal with Harrods. The BowTie device attaches to any dog collar and then wirelessly pairs with the WonderWoof iPhone app, calculating the amount of exercise […]

KitSound announces warming winter audio wearables

I have seen people wearing headphones over their woolly hats. Granted, this is usually users of certain fashion cans but there is a need to combine winter fashion with built-in headphones. The KitSound Winter Collection brings style, practicality and music together for both men and women. Winter is coming. KitSound have a range of beanies, […]

STM Trust laptop messenger bag review

Tablets and smartphones are making being able to work on the move easier but, if you’re anything like me, when you’re going anywhere for a length of time you still find yourself packing a laptop as well as your tablet and phone – especially if travelling for work. This means that there’s still a market […]

Tag Heuer Carrera Connected smartwatch released today

It looks like Apple isn’t going to have the only over-priced wearable as the new Android-powered Tag Heuer Smartwatch will be outed today. The Tag Heuer Carrera Connected Android Wear smartwatch will be unveiled today at 11am ET in New York – so, just a few hours away. The new smartwatch will be available in […]

C6 Day Backpack review

You might not have heard of C6 yet but, if you watch Dragon’s Den or keep your finger firmly on the fashion industry’s pulse, will be aware of The Idle Man. I’ve been living with the gadgety-friendly C6 Day Backpack which is available now from the online men’s fashion retailer. C6 are putting themselves forward […]