Planika Lights Up Your Room and Furniture!

Nope – the table isn’t on fire and that’s not a burning waste paper basket. Planika Fires lets you have a fire in the middle of your coffee table (should you wish) thanks to a proprietary liquid biofuel called Fanola, which burns completely smoke and smell free. Fanola, the company says, is a biologically clean […]

Bluetooth Headset & USB Stick in One

If you ever felt the need to carry a USB drive in your ear BlueTrek have the answer! The BlueTrek Bizz is a Bluetooth headset that works as expected and the added USB functionality is a bonus, I guess. The Bizz also works as a microSD card reader, because it has a microSD slot that acts as […]

Does Wii Fit Work?

It has been about 6 years since I stopped coaching Lau Gar and I’m getting to the ‘built for comfort and not speed’ zone – it doesn’t help that I’m soon to be 3 years off of being 40!! Now that my music career is going fairly well my thoughts have started turning to the […]

These (High Heeled) Boots Were Made For Walking

C ‘n’ C Costume National have a rather odd idea of what walking boots should look like. These shiny high heels actually come with a stair counter screwed onto the ankle – Step aerobics in these killers?? I can only see a health concious dominatrix, street girls who might charge by the step or trad goths […]