Rumours – Steve Jobs & MacWorld

Not long now; well, 8 hours. But still, what kinda bombshell is Mr Jobs gonna drop?  Apparently last year it was a phone or summink…….can’t quite remember – must’ve been just a flash in the pan – heh :0P Something in the Air – Something in my Eye  There have been plenty many rumours about a super slim, lightweight […]

Who’s a Clever Little (big) HECToR?

With the power of 12,000 desktop PCs it’s the fastet puter in the UK and one of the most powerful in Europe and it is called………………………HECToR!  HECToR, which stands for High-End Computing Terascale Resource, was made by the U.S. manufacturer Cray Inc and is capable of making 63 million calculations every second and is housed in 60 wardrobe-sized cabinets in the University […]

Microsoft after Logitech?

Microsoft is rumoured to be buying Logitech thus forcing shares to skyrocket today! According to Reuters, traders said rumours circulated that Logitech, which has a market capitalization of around 7 billion Swiss francs (£3 billion), would receive a takeover bid at 48 francs per share from Microsoft. “Rumors are rumors. I can’t make any specific comment on them,” Daniel […]

Beauty is Case Deep – Cooler Master

Check out these customised cases for your desktop puter. They look totally awesome as I’m sure you’ll agree.  Being a huge VeeDub fan I’m loving this Splitty Samba – I wonder if they’d do one of my ’71 Karmann Ghia…………………. They’re created by Smooth Creations via the CMSX (Cooler Master) website – check out their Concept Gallery. […]

Buy a Dell in HMV!?!

This may provide a well needed boost to HMV as it heads in the same direction as the once beautiful Fopp.  Dell have decided that their once ‘Online Only’ sales may benefit from having a highstreet presence – and for this they have chosen music retailer HMV.  Dell’s XPS-branded machines will take centre-stage in dedicated […]

Linutop – Tiny, tiny, tiny puter

The Linutop is small. Very, very small. In fact, the silver box actually measures just 9.3 x 2.7 x 15cm. It runs a customised version of xubuntu Linux and, although tiny, it could quite easily take over your desk-top puters everyday tasks- not bad for something that makes a Mac-Mini look cumbersome. For all your […]