Is That a 320 gig Drive In Your Pocket……?

Hmmmm……..look at it. Let me get this out of my pocket and show you it’s glossy black finish. Check out its 320 gig capacity. Sorry – but it is darn sexy aint it?  As well as the humungous data storage in a 5 ounce body the drives are bus powered so they don’t need an […]

(ASUS) We Are FamilEee!

Asus has announced it is planning to launch a whole “family” of Eee products. The new Eeefferings are to include the E-DT (DeskTop), E-TV and an E-Monitor. This was announced by Jerry Shen, president of Asustek and he says that the new devices will apparently keep the same low-cost price points as the Eee itself. The […]

Merc Stealth – Ideazon pwns ‘boards!

From the people that brought you their gaming revolutionary Zboard; Ideazon’s back with the altogether sleeker Merc Stealth keyboard. Instead of a swappable keyset, the Stealth has an extra-wide body with special gaming keys built into the left side. Basically they give you a second set of the keys that you’re most likely to use when playing […]

DIY Roll up Keyboard

There are a variety of portable keyboards out there now from roll up types to the laser projected ones.  But if they appear a tad on the expensive side still and you have an old/spare regaular keyboard hanging around……………… Remove the inner membrane from an unwanted set of keys, make sure the control board is […]

(Shocker) RED – Dell Inflate Price for Charity

This article is taken wholesale from and is a prime example of large companies praying on people’s good intentions – we all know that some ‘charity’ products contain added expense, but we give because it’s going somewhere needed – but when the price hike doesn’t match with the amount going to the charity………….. The whole […]

Steve Jobs Reveals All – Air, iPhone, AppleTV, iTunes and the rest!

The MacBook Air is now official! The thinnest laptop ever made.  At its most portley it’s still thinner than the nearest competitor’s thinnest.  That’s small – Size zero in excelsis! Even if you’re an Apple-hater you should give a round of applause for the engineers who built it. At its ‘fattest’ edge (towards the rear – aint […]