AMD Threadripper processor: 16 cores, awesome name

Threadripper. Aggressive tailor or a murderer who preys on lone women in the East End and uses a garrote? Well, neither. Threadripper is the name given to AMD’s latest beast of a CPU (central processing unit). AMD has finally unveiled its 16-core, 32-thread Ryzen CPU that will take on Intel’s recently leaked Core i9 in […]

Intel Core i9 processor slips out

Could Intel be revving up to release their Core i9 CPU at Computex? Well, one thing’s for sure, Computex isn’t far off. The annual expo held in Taipei kicks off in a fortnight, on May 30th. Funnily enough, Intel’s latest CPU that packs no less than 12 cores has just made an appearance. Coincidence? Intel’s […]

Lian Li presents their ROG-certified PC-011WGX case

Lian-Li has announced their new PC-O11WGX case. The case is not only certified by Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG), it features an updated USB 3.1 Type-C connector on the front panel. The new PC-O11WGX gaming PC case looks pretty neat. The ROG-certified case is loaded with the latest USB Type-C port right on the front […]

MSI GTX 1080 Ti Sea Hawk EK X GPU outed

MSI has announced their first custom GTX 1080 Ti graphics processing unit (GPU). The GTX 1080 Ti Sea Hawk EK X promises to be a monster packing a pre-installed EK water block and a significant factory overclock.   If you’re a gaming enthusiast then the Ti range of Nvidia cards will be familiar to you. For […]

SteelSeries Evil Geniuses line announced

SteelSeries has just announced a new line of tournament-ready products in collaboration with its elite esport partner, Evil Geniuses. This team has won more tournament prize money than any other esport organisation in the world. Now they’ve put their stamp on a range of SteelSeries professional gaming peripherals. The Evil Geniuses line combines more than […]

Gigabyte Z270-Designare motherboard specs, UK price

You sexy mother…board! Gigabyte has unveiled their new motherboard – the Gigabyte Z270-Designare. This motherboard’s special sauce is, as the name suggests, that it allows you to customise your hardware. It does this through a variety of clever lighting schemes. It’s not all show and no go, either! Power and looks The new Z270-powered Designare […]