COTODAMA Canvas backed by Abbey Road Red

The award-winning music tech company, COTODAMA, has doubly good news. Firstly they have a new product in the Lyric Canvas. Secondly, they are proud to announce their new ventures with Europe‚Äôs leading music tech incubator Abbey Road Red. Cast your mind back to the end of last year. Are you there yet? Right, now picture […]

Db Equipment PU leather collection – vegan backpacks and accessories

When you are looking for premium luggage you are generally faced with an overwhelming amount of animal-based kit. However, Db Equipment has announced a range of PU leather luggage and accessories. A perfect option for animal lovers. I am going to avoid the subjects of veganism and vegetarianism as these tend to be trigger words. […]

Chrome Gold Jarre AeroBull HD1 – bling woofers

Jarre Technologies with Music Life present a special Limited Edition Chrome Gold model of its iconic AeroBull wireless Bluetooth speaker. Yes, you too could own a golden musical French bulldog. Fans of Bull Dogs and bling looking for a Bluetooth speaker have had their prayers answered. Insert woofer jokes here. Oh, and anyone needing to […]

Best 3D Printers for the UK in 2017

3D Printing has come a long way in a short time. While it is yet to achieve the Star Trek level of immediacy and convenience, “rapid prototyping” has gone from novelty to mainstream, and with it a whole industry has grown. The UK has a lot of 3d printers to choose from, which should you […]

Eine and Kaspersky Data Dollar Store – swap data for art

Renowned street artist Ben Eine has created limited edition artwork in his famous lettering style for sale in a pop up store by cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab at a two-day pop-up shop. The Data Dollar store is located in Old Street station, East London. Fans will be able to purchase exclusive screenprints and merchandise at […]