Bosch concept car gets personal at CES 2017

Bosch might be the first name you think of in regards to concept cars, but that’s exactly what they’ve brought to CES 2017. Bosch is really getting in to the Internet of Things. They are focusing on personalisation in order we get the best tailored experience possible. Bosch’s unnamed concept car uses facial recognition technology […]

Panasonic transparent gesture controlled TV at CES 2016

Panasonic has been showing off their latest addition to the smart home of the future by way of a transparent, gesture-powered TV. The see-through screen allows this Panasonic LCD telly to seamlessly blended into the decor. Being able to see right through this monitor is not its only selling point though. The Panasonic prototype shows […]

VW Budd-e: Volkswagen’s new tech loaded microbus

Volkswagen has been teasing us with the promise of producing a new microbus for the 21st century but now their latest concept has been officially unveiled at CES in Las Vegas. The VW Budd-e could be the long awaited addition that was expected once Volkswagen reinvented the Beetle in 1997. Four years later it looked […]

Microsoft show off Surface DisplayCover with extra E-Ink screen

Microsoft’s researchers have created what could be the latest breakthrough to hit their Surface tablet computer thanks to an included e-ink screen. You are probably familiar with the TypeCover currently available that brings a keyboard to the game. Well, this dual-screen variant of the company’s Surface tablet computer is brought to you by way of […]

Boost Band – Power your phone from your wrist

Having the thinnest phone or tablet in the world is all very good but that usually means a skinny battery, which also points to having to carry around a clunky external battery pack of some descript. Until, perhaps, now. Enter the Boost Band. A not particularly sexy looking device, but it does have a singular […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 Fold – could bendy be the new edge?

Could the next flagship smartphone from Samsung bring the clam shell back, albeit through bendy, flexible AMOLED? If the uptake of the newest, and most expensive Samsung smartphone offering is good enough to prove that the consumer is looking for something different then it could pave the way for a Galaxy S7 with a folding […]