Flickr Fiddle

Flickr has been tweaking again!! If you go and click the new ‘edit photo’ link above each image you will be prompted to hook-up with Picnik.  You then get a selection of options that enables you to mess around with your pic online. As well as resizing and cropping options, you can use sliders to alter exposure, contrast, sharpening and assorted […]

Google Street View – Coming to London town!

Pull up those trousers, put out that sneaky fag and take your hand off your secretary’s backside — Google Street View is ramping up in the UK. Dvorak reported a while ago that one of Google’s special Street View vehicles had been spotted within London. We think that — like German tourists — if there’s […]

Canon Update for EOS

The new firmware for Canon’s EOS 40D (version 1.0.5) sorts out the file format compatibility niggles with Adobe software like Photoshop and Lightroom; also some language issues are ironed out and it sets photo review to resume where it left off before shutting down.   Canon via Crave

Crimbo top 10

London is already a shopping hell as I discovered last night as I had to brave Oxford Street to get my Dad his birthday presents; which reminded me that Christmas is not too far away. Energizer have published their top 10 tech prezzis.  The list looks like this: The Energizer Top 10 – Overall 1 […]