ShowCenter for Center Stage

Pinnacle, who have the wonderful rebranded Roku Soundbridge in their stable of lovelies which I have much love for, have now revealed the latest model in their ShowCenter range of media streamers. The ShowCenter 250HD will sling videos, tunes and pics from your PC or Mac right into your AV system. Nothing new there then?  Remember this is the time of HD and the […]

DAB your iPod

Here’s a natty idea for all those iPod carrying radio lovers.  Intempo have produced a pretty cool looking DAB radio attachment for all you Apple users.  Imaginatively called the iDAB it plugs in the bottom of your Pod and let’s you blaze through all those lovely digital broadcasts. You can even whack it in your dock […]

Sound Asleep?

Nevermind that the color scheme looks like it was designed by Ronald McDonald —this Gravity Zero bed is packing some serious features like a 150-Watt sound system, 2 sleep system motors, 2 powerful massage systems with 12 programs, four-joint adjustability, flexible shoulder comfort zone, pneumatic hand control, and a ventilated Talalay latex mattress for added […]

Not a Flash Merc

It’s been a while since I’ve visited Engadget’s Japanese site – so, off I clicked to be faced with this obviously Mercedes branded PMP. After closer investigation, apart from the merc on the screen, there is nothing to associate this player with the luxury German brand. This comes from China and is undoubtably not built […]

Wooden Opera

Opera Sonora speaker line is perfect for those who argue with their significant other over why they can’t install a 27.4 mega system in their 900 sq. ft. apartment. Beneath the art house appearance of these contraptions, however, are fully functioning speakers that can connect to any audio source (radio, TV, DVD, ect…). And because […]

Radiohead Flash

Here’s another band getting in on the USB album marketing wagon. But at least this one is: From a worthwhile band From a talented band A good design This will be out next month as a limited edition (Dec 10th) The 4Gb USB stick, which is shaped like the Radiohead bear will contain all seven Parlophone albums and artwork (including one […]