iTunes Price Drop – at last

I’m sure that you’ve already read this elsewhere but I’d be failing the readers of this little part of the interweb by not reporting this. Chucking tunes onto your iPod has just become cheaper for us folks in the UK because Apple has finally announced it will slash the price of songs on its iTunes music store within […]

Wireless B&W

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) announced at CES that they are planning to release a top-notch 5.1-channel wireless surround sound system later this year.  Named the “Liberty” system, the speakers use 2.4-GHz wireless technology to connect as many as five speakers and a subwoofer.  It sounds like the initial idea was to sell it all as a […]

Happy Birthday Bluetooth!

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is celebrating a full decade since its inception. They have much to be happy about when you consider that the SIG started with just five members and has since grown to over 10,000! During that time we have seen wireless headsets becoming de rigeur and that famous MOT symbol-like ‘B’ can be spotted on 1.5 […]

Burn Baby Burn – Legally

If amendments go ahead you will no longer be flaunting the law each time you transfer your choonz from computer to a digital player or copy a CD for your own use. Most of us have been breaking the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 each time we’ve copied tracks from CDs to our PC or digital player, […]

Sennheiser MX W1 – Kleer earphones

Sennheiser is to announce the launch a pair of wireless headphones at the CES which starts tomorrow. These buds promise to avoid compressing the audio transmitted unlike the competiting Bluetooth technology. There’s no news about pricing but the the new earphones called MX W1 will, according to Sennheiser, have everything you need to be able […]

Tall Order Speakers

Do you long for the day when you have to look up to be eye to tweeter?  Dream of having to stand on a chair to clean the top  of your living room speakers? Then the Anthony Gallo Acoustics’ Nucleus Reference 5LS are for you.  The stats start quite normal at 7-inches wide, 11-inches deep but then things get […]