Take Control of Your Media Centre and PS3 – diNovo Mini

Logitech’s groovy looking diNovo Mini Bluetooth thumboard is finally ready to to give you control of your PC based media and even your PS3 – from the comfort of your sofa. It has a 2 colour backlit QWERTY keyboard  and a touchpad and is “the perfect size for your coffee table” – apparently.  It will last about […]

Pagani – 350 Watt Stereo – Twin Decks

Pagani, better known for their Zonda supercar has gone into the luxury audio market and produced a carbon fiber-and-brushed aluminum stereo system. There is a nod to their rather nippy car in the 350 watt speakers – slightly reminiscent of the quad exhaust dontcha think?  Known for taking a different approach they’ve loaded this system with […]

iPhone SKD To Be Shown Next Week

Invites have been sent out to the media for this exclusive event to be held on Thursday, March 6 at 10 a.m. on the Apple campus in Cupertino. Announced in October of last year, the SDK was expected to be unveiled Tuesday just gone, but then – what’s a week after all? The SDK would mean […]

Sony’s Blu-Ray Beauties

The BDP-S350 and BDP-S550 are Sony’s first fully specced-up Blu-ray spinners – if you ignore the PS3 – how could we? Both models have Ethernet ports for accessing BD-Live online bonus content in the future – and the possibility of firmware updates, USB sockets for hooking up external storage devices and both conform to BD Profile […]

Eidos Blu-Ray Player – Worth its weight in Gold(mund)?

Now, I know that Blu-Ray came out victorious – but there is still a limit to how much I’d pay for this conquoring tech.  The Goldmund Eidos 20 BD, aimed at “audio-video purists”, will set you back roughly £8,500!!  :0.  They claim to be the first “high-end audio/video manufacturer” to offer a Blu-ray player saying that […]

Revolution R2 – Star Wars Style Synth

Here’s a pretty cool looking synth by Future Retro. The Revolution R2 looks fantastic with its aluminum construction finished in gun metal grey and white with blue leds. It has a circular sequencer interface, which allows single handed control as well as remote pattern selection using MIDI program change messages. A built in remix feature allows 265 […]