The Best Portable MP3 Player?

What is it with iPod? Everywhere I look there are accessories for them, adverts for home hi-fis stating proudly ‘includes iPod dock’.  Where are the stereos that include ‘iRiver’ station or ‘Zen Dock’? Are iPods really that good?  Or have we been all wowed by the advertising campaigns and the fact that Apple managed to make […]

The Colour of Rolly

Sony is going to release a black Rolly music player into the wild. Their big surprise was usurped by the FCC just last week.  You’ll also be able to customise your Rolly with a selection of colourful end-caps at a cost of Â¥1,500 (about £8) per set. If you’re still confused about the need for a roving speaker, then the Japanese […]

Blu-ray – The End is Already Nigh

With the sweet smell of victory still strong in its nostrils could the winning of the HD format war be short lived for Blu-Ray? In an interview with Home Cinema Choice magazine a head-honcho at THX has said: “Personally, I think it’s too late for Blu-ray. I think consumers will only become interested in replacing […]

ApriPoko Just Wants to Turn Stuff On and Off for You

If you’re in the market for a gadget learning help-bot then Toshiba in Japan may have the very thing for you. They’re in the process of putting together a talking bot that can be used as a voice-activated universal remote. The android, called ApriPoko, stands at just under a foot tall and is capable of […]

Tinsy not Tinny – X-Mini

Whilst most mini speakers are no better than the speakers on the average mobile phone (and sound just as irritating) the X-mini from the XM-I boffins in Singapore are another matter. Weighing in at a puny 52g it connects and charges via USB and gives you 8 hours of 2.4 wattage aural pleasure from a […]

iSoniCast – iPod Wifi Audio Bridge

Monster first started talking this about 6 or 7 months ago and now they’re ready to push its iPod Wireless Audio Bridge out the door. Called the iSoniCast, the device relies on “proprietary 2.5GHz technology” to wirelessly stream music from your iPod to the home audio system of your choice and includes a dock conncetor attached transmitter to […]