PrimaLuna Prologue 8 – Pod Dock Valve Love

This work of valve artistry is the PrimaLuna Prologue Eight. Ok, looking closer it might look a little like a hard-drive caddy with a power brick and few light-bulbs on it but its makers say that the aural pleasure will blind everyone and then the love will truly start.  For a pod-dock and CD player […]

GRAAF GM50 – Classy Valve Amp for the Audiophile

As beautiful as it’s simplicity the GRAAF GM-50 integrated amplifier is all about the details. They rely on the coupling of a substantial 15 mm aluminium panel with a transparent crystal that allows you to see its glowing soul of 4 valves. The LED indicators show the selected source through a side window for an […]

Samsung F400 Comes With B&O Sound

If you hate it when kids insist on listening to their phat sounds via their less than phat phone speakers then this one is for them…but let’s not encourage the little darlings huh? Samsung’s new F400 has speakers built in by none other than Bang and Olufsen! The phone itself is a dual slider (like […]

Another iPod Dock – Gear4 Duo

I confess to getting a little bored with the multitude of iDocks knocking around. Few have pricked my attention such as the B&W Zeppelin, the loveliness of Roth Audio’s line-up and of course the gorgeous Vita Audio R4 but the latest from Gear4 has it’s own trick. The ‘Duo’ looks like another compact 2.1 speaker […]

Shanling CD-T300 the Sci-Fi Hi-Fi!

When I first saw this disc spinner I thought to myself, “what the flippin eck is that!!??!!” (or similar), and then when I saw that it costs $12,000 (around £6,000) I said something akin to “how much!!??!!”. If its sci-fi looks still win you over and you have that six grand to spend on a CD player you’ll need […]

Microsoft to Bring Unknown Pleasures to Zune

Microsoft is readying a Joy Division edition of its Zune MP3 player to coincide with the release of a DVD about those fabulous Mancs. The Zune will feature an adaptation of the cover art from the band’s 1979 album debut, Unknown Pleasures, which artist Peter Saville created using a graph of one hundred pulses from pulsar […]