Catchbox – the crowd participation throwable microphone

catchbox coloursCatchbox could be the way to liven up chatshows, karaoke, gigs or even group counseling sessions.

Chatbox is a new throwable microphone designed to liven up audience participation in whatever situation you deem appropriate.

The brightly coloured padded cube houses a wireless microphone that’s built for being chucked around. To avoid the obvious ‘thud’ any mic being dropped will kick out this device has been engineered to automatically mute the sound when flying through the air or if it falls. The tech is patent-pending, apparently.

“There are a number of products that are aimed towards increasing crowd engagement,” points out Mikelis Studers, CTO of Catchbox, adding that “Audiences understand the product immediately: it’s a throwable microphone”.

catchboxThe Finland-based hardware startup isn’t just targeting events with large audiences, such as conferences. Other markets include education, company meetings, and the like.

Catchbox is available for pre-order today, priced at $549/€395, which includes a separate receiver that can be plugged into various sound systems including stereos, computers and professional sound equipment.

Check out the video and try not to cringe…

[youtube id=”apjN3xThfY8″]

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