Casio WSD-F20-WE limited edition Pro Trek smartwatch

Casio WSD-F20-WE Limited EditionCasio has been in touch to let us know about a new limited edition version of their WSD-F20 smartwatch, cunningly called the WSD-F20-WE.

The Casio WSD-F20-WE is part of its Pro Trek Smart series of watches. As the name suggests, these are aimed squarely at outdoor enthusiasts.

The latest edition sports a limited colour scheme of Fluorite White.

Casio WSD-F20 Limited Edition

Casio WSD-F20-WE Limited EditionThe rather neat looking Flourite White is maintained with a clear-coat for protection. Furthermore, its been treated to a deep multilayer design effect that makes it look “crystalline”. Nice.

The watch itself is identical to the conventional WSD-F20 inside. This means you get Android Wear 2.0 and with a 1.32-inch dual layer touchscreen display (320 x 300).


Casio WSD-F20-WE Limited EditionAdditional tech on-board includes GPS built-in and Bluetooth 4.1 to hook up to your phone.

Battery life is claimed to last roughly a day with normal use and without GPS activated. Word is it’ll manage up to 18 hours with GPS on and heavy use.

The watch has a limited run of just 1,500 units. Also, coinciding with this limited edition, there is a new “Journey” watch face being released for the F20-WE plus already existing models.

This adds a Google Maps screen behind the watch hands and if you tap it the full map will appear on screen.

Price and availability

Pricing in the UK is yet to be revealed, but the standard model cost £450 when it was released at the start of last year.