Casio CA001 Portable Studio Mobile Phone

casiophoneHow did I miss this when looking through the new KDDI line-up?

Praps I was distracted by the 3D display on the W000 H001?

This Casio CA001 funkster has the 3.1-inch touchscreen but is edging towards the more musically groovy of you out there.

The screen swivels around a central hinge to hide the phone’s normal, run-of-the-mill numerical keyboard.

Thanks to the Yamaha piano app program, you can play and record various other instruments on-the-go.

I’d love to see/hear how responsive this thing is – but I’m liking the idea of it so far 🙂

As well as the ‘pocket studio’ thing it is also bragging motion sensing, an “urban fitness program,” a 5MP camera and 500MB of internal memory.

Again, Japan only for now.