Casa Basica – The Pocketable Basic House Temporary Shelter

Basic House Pocket Sized Portable HouseHow many times have you got half way home from a night out and just wanted to curl up and sleep? Just think, if you only had a home in your pocket…

Martin Azua must have had the same feeling, or perhaps he was thinking more about the homeless or emergency situations.

The Basic House, or Casa Básica, is designed to be a temporary shelter and will fit in your pocket as it is basically a lightweight balloon.

If you get caught out and need somewhere to weather nasty weather or just need a place to rest your head at short notice then just get in.

The Basic House self-inflates using body heat or from the heat of the sun so you can still make this thing work even when you’re tired or smoked too much. The additional beauty to the lightweight material is that it will actually reflect your body heat in order to keep you nice, warm and cozy inside. If you want to remain cool during the summer months, then just reverse it.

I’m thinking that this could be a great hit at festivals – no need to remember where you pitched as you’ll always have your tent in your pocket 😉

Watch it in action below:

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