Carl Zeiss Cinemizers Get iPhone Stamp

carl_zeiss_cinemizer_plus_2Remember the Vuzix iWear?

Well these have got one over on them as they’ve been officially stamped with the ‘Works with iPhone’ tag!

I’m talking about the Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Plus range and as well as that iPhone stamp it also has gained the ‘Made for iPod’ compliance so you can use these specs with any video-friendly iPod,

The Cinemizer Plus glasses play back your video’s through the headset, swapping that mini Apple screen for the illusion of a virtual 45-inch screen as viewed from around 6ft away.

So, sat on the bus or tube you can pretend that you’re back home in front of your widescreen.

Ignoring the git talking waaaaaaaaay too loud on their phone and the chav listening to bad R&B but insisting in sharing it with everyone.

Before you get all overprotective of your iPhone battery; worry ye not.

The Cinemizer Plus packs its own power supply which will happily give you four hours of viewing between charges.

Expect it on the shelves in May with a price of around £399.

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