CarGo – The Transforming Car = 3 in 1

cargocrewIt’s been a while since I slid over to Yanko.

This is a cool concept that I’d vote for to go into production.

The days of owning 2 or 3 cars has long gone – well for me anyhow so having one that transforms into three different vehicles has to be a winner!

The CarGo vehicle concept has three different modes—compact, narrow and pick-up.

The CarGo contains a pick-up bed and an extra storage compartment that can flip up, pull out, or get removed/stowed away depending on how large you need your car to be.

As a bassplayer I can certainly see the benefits:

  • The pick-up mode to lug around my rig and possibly help out the rest of the band.

  • The narrow one to park up in this glorious city – possibly in a bike space 😉

  • The wider but more upright compact mode to go cruising around.

If the company needs an endorsement please forward my email address 🙂

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