Cargo Scooter – Pizza Delivery Guys Future Ride

scooter-mainNothing quite says that the weekend is here than the buzzer or door-bell going and discovering Pizza Delivery Guy has arrived!

Ideally these purveyors of hot bready joy should whizz around on things more suited to their status of cheesey knights of the after-hours highways.

Instead of stacking those snacks in a box at the rear of the scooter why not store the Italian fast-food in the large space underneath the seat?

This futuristic scooter’s name is Cargo, and it was designed by one Elliot Ortiz.

It runs on regular petrol and not electricity, helium or otter tears.

Let’s see all delivery riders have these in the not to distant future please – they deserve it 🙂

What you reckon?

Should we start a petition?

Here’s to them and to the weekend!