Cardboard Safari – Eco Friendly Heads on the Wall

card-animal-trophiesIf you want to rock that old mansion style or upper-class vibe of displaying dead things on your walls but would rather not kill some animal that was just minding its own business then howsabout these then?

Cardboard Safari makes laser-cut cardboard animal head trophies suitable for wall-mounting, each available for $52 (plus shipping).

They’re even greener than just saving our quaripedic friends – they’re also made from recycled cardboard.

I’d proudly display any one of them on my wall, but I’d only feel most ethically in the clear if I dressed and skinned my own boxes.

This nugget of card-hunting came via Animal but I’m not sure if $52 + postage, etc is cheap enough for me to buy.

Perhaps I should stalk, hunt, kill and mount my own card – I think I’ll start with match-boxes and work my way up to paper ream boxes…….and then……