Captcha goes metal \m/\m/

slayer captchaAnyone that has filled in a form on the interweb will have come across captcha – the squiggle, smudged and sometimes blurred letters and numbers you have to decypher and type in to a box in order for you to proceed. Now, the anti-bot protection system has gone very metal!

There’s been memes-aplenty based around the idea of captchas using metal band logo but rock and metal gift store, Heavy Gifts, has made it a reality.

MetalCaptcha is a free service that replaces the traditional captcha images with band logos submitted to the site.

Adding a captcha to your form is as simple as inserting a couple of bits of Javascript.

wtfThere’s no WordPress plugin as yet – boooooooo!

I’m all for this, right up til you get to the more Black and Death Metal band logos…