Canon HD Camcorders Jump The CES Gun

canonhfs100Easy tiger!

Seems that Canon couldn’t wait and started before the ‘B’ in ‘Bang!’

They’ve only gone and unveiled a plethora of HD Cams ahead of the CES tomorrow.

The camera company has slipped out no less than five brand spanking new HD VIXIA ‘corders with specs and all.

They read pretty impressive too – upping megapixels and memory.

You can get all the nitty gritty via the link at the bottom.

Head Prefects are the HVS10 and S100 (pictured), who seem to be able to master all with full HD 8.59 megapixel CMOS sensors, face detection tech and 8MP still shots so you don’t have to drag your compact with you.

The difference between these two swots is that as the S10 packs 32GB of internal flash memory, the 100 comes sans storage, so you’ll have to shell out for an SD card of your own.

If you like your long distance wild-life shooting, or you’re a celeb stalker (same difference aint it?) then the HF20 and HF200 will be more up your ally.

They both come equipped with Canon’s 15x HD Video Lens.  

The HV40 HDV is ideal for film making purists as it shoots at a native 24 frames per second, just like those Hollywood movie-maker types use.

The only things that Canon hasn’t let out of the bag prematurely is the pricing but I’m guessing that and the availabilty will be left for the CES.


Canon Press Release