Can Ludacris Soul Beat Dr Dre? Headphone Beef!

In the world of rap no-one goes unchallenged. If you appear to be making paper then someone will start looking for a slice of what you got.

Signeo’s Soul by Ludacris headphone series made its debut at CES a month or so ago and now has been given a price tag.

Ludacris is undercutting Dre’s Beats at every step with the top-end SL300 priced at $299, while the almost identically styled SL150 goes for $199. The more restrained SL100 has an asking price of $149.

If cans aren’t your thing and you’d rather shove your sound source in your head then the SL99 are yours for $99 with the entry earpleasers, the SL49, can be grabbed for $69.

The press release doesn’t mention frequency sensitivity, output or anything else that you’d want to know – I’m guessing they’re not aiming for audiophiles with these 😉

You’ll be glad to know that the whole range will play nice with your iPhone though.

They all will be available in May with word regarding other territories non-specific at the moment.

Check out the range in the gallery below or click here 🙂

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