Cambridge Audio Yoyo (S) Bluetooth speaker review

Cambridge Audio Yoyo (S) wireless speaker


Build quality




Ease of use


Sound quality





  • Looks and feels great
  • Sturdy
  • Sounds impressive
  • Device charging skills
  • Gesture control


  • Lacks a little top-end sparkle
  • Bit heavy

cambridge audio yoyo (S)We have already taken the Yoyo (M) for a test, now is the turn of Cambridge Audio’s smaller Bluetooth offering – the Yoyo (S).

Cambridge Audio’s oddly named Yoyo Bluetooth speakers do look good and the Yoyo (M) did pretty well in our earlier review.

Today, we are looking at its smaller, single, stablemate, the Yoyo (S).

Cambridge Audio Yoyo (S) design

You can tell that this Bluetooth speaker is related to the (M) as it too is wrapped up in worsted wool. Again, this comes courtesy of the Yorkshire-based Marton Mills.

cambridge audio yoyo (s) front angleAs a reminder, this bespoke fabric is ‘acoustically transparent’ as well as ‘treated to repel dirt, water and unnecessary wear and tear’. So, all good here.

cambridge audio yoyo (s) underside portsOn the underside you will recognise the threaded brass fitting that will take a camera tripod. I do like this idea, especially when partnered with a Gorilla-pod type stand. Here you will also find a USB charging port for your mobile device.

The top of the speaker is handed over to a rubberised control panel. The icons light up and we, of course, have that gesture control too.

cambridge audio yoyo (s) GB soundAt the rear is an equally rubbery passive bass radiator.

The speaker weighs in at around 1.2Kg, so isn’t exactly a feather-weight but it does look and feel good.

cambridge audio yoyo (s) edgeIts dimensions are 246 x 128 x 67mm (WxHxD) which means it is quite compact.

How can you not like a wool-covered speaker any how?

Check out our review of the Yoyo (M)

Cambridge Audio Yoyo (S) performance

Under the wool

It might not be the smallest or lightest portable speaker, but it is packing in tech aplenty.

The built-in amplification drives a pair of full-range speakers, a subwoofer and – round the back – that passive radiator.

cambridge audio yoyo (s) marton millsIn addition to Bluetooth (with the option of using NFC to connect), connectivity options comprise an aux-in and the aforementioned USB port.

Battery life is a claimed 14 hours. I had it on at a decent level for most of the day when I was gardening. I also had my phone plugged in to it.


The Yoyo (S) isn’t just about hands-free calling, it’s hands-free controlling too. As with the (M), swipe your hand from left to right across the panel and music starts to play. You obviously will have paired the Yoyo (S) with your phone or tablet beforehand.

Repeat the swiping movement to skip a track. Reverse the direction of your Force wave and the music stops.

cambridge audio yoyo (S)It is a neat trick but you can find you or your friends inadvertently taking control.

You can also control the speaker old-school using your pointy finger.

Sound quality

As tempted as I was, I refrained from started the test with ‘Wooly Bully’. Instead it was down to Tori Amos and the remixed ‘Professional Widow’.

The woofer and radiator do well in pushing out well defined and tight bass.

Flicking over to some Yello and the Yoyo (S) showed that it is able to keep up with ‘The Race’. The rhythm section having remarkable presence, even outside.

Mids are good and punchy, and the treble clear.

cambridge audio yoyo (s) tripodChanging the mood, Steely Dan’s ‘Godwhacker’ has a great bounce to it. All the instruments come though in their own space and in the pocket.

There is evidence of the same rolling off of the treble as experienced with the Yoyo (M). It does remove some of the sparkle but also hands the speaker greater versatility.

The Yoyo (S) can get the party going in the volume stakes too. ‘Dirrty’ by Christina Aguilera cranked up in the sunshine was begging for a pool party  – if only this was 90210 rather than E17.

Cambridge Audio Yoyo (S) review conclusion

This is a great portable speaker. It might be more, move-it-around-your-home portable than pack-with-a-picnic portable though. It is small enough, but it might need to shed a few grams before being invited to the park. Which is a shame as it performs well and really does suit that alfresco party vibe.

It looks a class above many other Bluetooth speakers thanks to its sheepy outerwear. Underneath it packs the tech to provide a big, rich sound.

Cambridge Audio Yoyo (S) price and availability

You can snaffle a Yoyo (S) right now in one of four colours: Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue or Green.

cambridge audio yoyo (s) coloursThe speaker costs £150 direct from the Cambridge Audio site.