Calvin Harris Plays With Bikini Girls To Create Music – @calvinharris

humanthesizergThis is an ideal situation for anyone in a band.

Electro-muso, Calvin Harris teamed up with Sony Music UK and created the Humanthesizer.

With the help of Bare conductive body ink the team converted 15 lovely bikini-clad ladies into a giant Arduino-powered synth capable of playing Harris’s track “Ready For The Weekend” through Max/MSP and Ableton Live.

The way the ‘instrument’ works is that each patch is triggered by one of the almost naked girls closing a circuit with her hands or feet.

The “wires” painted on their arms and legs can be spotted if you look closely…….more closely…….perhaps pause the videos below 😉

Go on – watch the videos and see the performance which is mixture of dance and musicianship.

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