Call of Duty: Black Ops on iPhone and iPad – More Zombies!

Who doesn’t enjoy blasting away at zombies? Who doesn’t enjoy Call of Duty: Black Ops? How about if you could pick off the CoD undead on your iDevice?

Good news my gun toting, zombie killing friends – Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is now out to buy on Apple’s App Store for your iPhone and iPad. The best thing is that it is a port of Treyarch’s console original and it’s packing a few extra treats.

Granted, there’s just the one map – Kino der Toten – at the moment but it comes with the option of up to four-player multiplayer and supports Voice Chat.

You even get a version of the console game’s top-down mini-game, Dead Ops Arcade with 50 levels to keep you addicted.

For a change this sounds like an iPhone game worthy of my fiver.

There should be regular updates from Activision with maps, upgrades and features to ensure that your £4.99 continues to feel well spent.

Why are you still here and not downloading Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies?

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