C6 Day Backpack review

c6 day packpack redYou might not have heard of C6 yet but, if you watch Dragon’s Den or keep your finger firmly on the fashion industry’s pulse, will be aware of The Idle Man. I’ve been living with the gadgety-friendly C6 Day Backpack which is available now from the online men’s fashion retailer.

C6 are putting themselves forward as being a company dedidated to keeping all your gadgety goodness safe and cosy.

The Day Backpack certainly seems to try – but does it all work?

C6 Day Backpack design

I am sporting the rather conspicuous red version which is ideal should you be a cyclist or of a more extrovert nature. Not so great if you’re, say, a Ninja.

The C6 Day Backpack does come in a more subdued navy hue though.

The bag itself is constructed from hard-wearing ballistic nylon and features padded pockets and straps aplenty.

C6 pack openThe 24 litre capacity pack measures 34x47x21cm (LxHxW) and, for me, is just about as big as a commuter bag should be. I do tend to spend my daily trip to and from the office seething and glaring at those who insist on keeping their oversized rucksacks on their backs whilst riding the tube like an army of canvas-shelled turtles bumping in to people or obstructing the passage of others. If you need to carry all of that, take off your backpack and place it ‘tween your feet if standing or on your knees if sat. Simple.

Being from a fashion brand there are plenty of nice touches and details on the C6 Day Backpack.

C6 fastenersThe large main pocket has the very on trend duffle-style cord closure and double strap fastening. The top flap is equipped with a neat zipped pocket and the fasteners are of polished gun metal.

I am digging the easy access offered by the side zipped compartment which is large enough to slip in my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro in to its padded home. It will accommodate any 13-inch laptop.

The back is also padded with a handy pouch where you can store the shoulder straps should you want to just use the carrying handle.

C6 Day Backpack performance

C6 are here to add to your digital life. All of their accessories are built with your gadgets in mind and so should prove to be perfect for any commuter, freelancer, student or tech-head.

Not only is this backpack perfect for any commuter, it will be the ideal day backpack for any traveller in need of a compact overnight bag.

c6 side viewThe Day Backpack features extra padding where it is needed most – on the back but also there is a padded laptop storage area which is accessed by a side zip.

C6 side zipI have always got my tablet with me and being able to slip to it through the side instead of having to open the catches and pull-chord of the main bag is a serious bonus when on a packed tube. The fact that it can also house my laptop in the same area, for when I need a full keyboard and a larger screen, is the killer blow.

c6 zipped flap pocketYou can never have too many pockets and the one on the flap is mighty handy for keys and security passes – anything that you might need swift access to. The zip closure is better than relying on velcro and should be safer too. The pocket is almost the full size of the flap so there’s plenty of room in there.

strapsThe pack’s shoulder straps are fully adjustable and even feature a cross-chest strap so that you can lock it in place when cycling or jogging. These straps can even be hidden away should you want to just use the handle grip.

The clasps click firmly closed in to the gun metal finished fasteners and these straps are also adjustable. I much prefer this style to the leather/leather look ones available on other commuter packs.

This has been a busy week for me with most days finding me at a PR event of some kind or other after finishing my day job and the C6 Day Backpack has helped me carry all my essentials (headphones, portable DAC/Amp, tablet, laptop, jacket, umbrella, charging cables, DSLR camera, wallet, keys, business card holder, etc) without any problem.

That reminds me, the Day Backpack also comes with a great string-pull pouch. I’ve been using it to keep my cables and plugs together as this has the added benefit of preventing the plugs scratching anything.

The reinforced bottom of the Day Backpack rounds things off nicely and adds that extra bit of premium styling.

C6 Day Backpack review conclusion

It seems that the fashionable backpack is the thing right now with a couple of brand names springing instantly to mind (yes, one starts with H) but I am glad that C6 have gone their own way with the Day Backpack.

The flap pocket is very handy but it is the side zip entry to the padded laptop compartment which, for me, is the genius addition to this pack. Add in the mesh inner organiser pocket and classic styling then this is set to be a winner.

The only things that I would change on the C6 Day Backpack would be to perhaps utilise the same gun metal fasteners on the shoulder straps to tie it all in and add a side zip on the other side of the pack so you could access the laptop area from either side – also, it would allow you to slip in a skateboard or similar.

After using this bag for just over a week now, I can certainly recommend the C6 Day Backpack for those who tend to carry a lot of tech with them or perhaps just a tablet or laptop but also go to the gym in their lunch-breaks or cycle their commute.

The C6 Day Backpack is available in Navy or Red for £75