Byte-dock adds Thunderbolt to Turn MacBook into Apple Desktop

The problem with being a Mac lover is that it’s an expensive addiction. I see my friends agonising over their lust for a MacBook and the ‘need’ for the latest iMac. Few have the funds (or permission) to have both. That might change thanks to Techne Industries.

Techne Industries are gearing up to release their Byte-dock which will accept any MacBook Pro model from 2010 onwards.

The Byte-dock docking station still gives you access to all those necessary ports such as external keyboard, monitor, mouse, printer, USB, Firewire, Ethernet and so on, but also features the very latest Thunderbolt tech for those super-speedy Apple flavoured data transfers.

Production engineer Paul Hackett proudly proclaimed: After eight months developing the Byte-dock, I believe the design is the most user-friendly and effective docking system currently available to Macbook Pro owners to date. Being able to offer the Thunderbolt functionality has been one of the highlights of the development.

For all of this magic you will have to pay £149.99 but Techne will throw in a Thunderbolt to HDMI cable for free. Which is nice.

It should be out in Q3 2011 but Techne would love you to go and pre-order yours now 🙂

Check out the vid below:

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