Buy a Dell in HMV!?!

GamerbaseThis may provide a well needed boost to HMV as it heads in the same direction as the once beautiful Fopp. 

Dell have decided that their once ‘Online Only’ sales may benefit from having a highstreet presence – and for this they have chosen music retailer HMV. 

Dell’s XPS-branded machines will take centre-stage in dedicated gaming areas operated by Gamerbase, in a deal that aims to “redefine the multiplayer gaming culture within a retail environment”.

The first Gamerbase facility opened here in London town on Monday in HMV’s Trocadero store.  It covers 2,300 square feet, and features dozens of Dell-branded PCs – including the XPS range.  The public is free to try these machines with the option of purchasing directly from the store.

I can’t really see a downside to this plan: Dell raises its profile among gamers; HMV gets more foot-traffic; Gamerbase gets a good ‘in’; and gamers get to try the latest titles on some of the fastest hardware.

Perversely, it’s actually cheaper to buy Dell machines via Gamerbase. Customers automatically get a 5% discount off the online price, and still qualify for any additional discounts found on   For instance, the £849 XPS 420 works out about £40 cheaper if you buy it in HMV!  Sounds like a possible crimbo bargain to me.

Gamerbase is in talks with HMV to open gaming areas in other stores across the UK.

Spotted on Crave