B&W Zeppelin MM-1 Computer / Laptop Speakers – Should be Called Mmmmmmmm – 1

BW-MM-1-speakersAh, the heady world of PC and Laptop speakers.

There are some nice ones out there as is there some interesting ones – just look at these and these!

But when you mention the name Bowers & Wilkins and computer speakers – then you have to take note.

You read right my gadgety faithful – the same people that designed the balloon-based iPod dock and speaker loveliness has decided to cast its eye over what can be one of the most bland areas on your desk.

The Zeppelin MM-1 has no need for a separate subwoofer, which keeps the trailing wires to a minimum, and the pair of ear-pleasers hooks up to your puter by means of a simple USB connection.

The only extra seems to the inbuilt headphone socket.

B&W haven’t mentioned a price (don’t think bargain basement though folks) and they’re said to be (air) shipping in January.

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