Bump 2.0 Now Enables Instant Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Befriending

Righty – you’re at a festival, bar or club and you’ve made a new best friend. They totally get your sometimes ‘unusal’ sense of humour, they’ve shared the booze that they’ve snuck in with you and, before you forget, you want to keep in contact.

Perhaps you think that asking for their mobile number is pointless as you rarely call your family let alone your buddies and simply getting John/Jane Smith’s name to search on Facebook is going to be futile.

You need to get the new version of the free Bump app!

If you’re both rocking this app (which I’ve used a couple of times at Gadgety press things) you can friend each other instantly as well as the usual contact details you could before.

Instead of having to search for your new buddy and then hope they remember you and accept your friend request – Bump 2.0 lets you become friends instantly just by bumping phones together!

You’re then able to share pictures and see one another’s common connections over your favorite social network. It even hooks up with Twitter and LinkedIn.

This new version also lets you compare calendars and send each other event invites.

Being free – if your new drinking partner hasn’t got the app already they can download while you get the next round in!

Grab the iPhone app now and there’ll be an Android version appearing in a month or so 🙂

I’ve added the app store pics as mine were shoddy 😉

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